Medical service


With upcoming peace, the Medical Service of "La Benevolencija" reduced the number of pharmacies in Sarajevo. The reason is simple: city pharmacies had reactivated and the number of pharmacies in the city was similar to the prewar status.

This is why "La Benevolencija" decided to open a single, but representative pharmacy which would entirely comply with the standards as defined in the Health Care Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


There are two essential elements typical for this pharmacy: excellent medications supply (best in town) as first and free medications as the second one - retained after the war was over.

The only thing a patient needs to bring to the pharmacy is an accurate prescription signed by a doctor.

This fact is an important one, since a medication in Sarajevo is an expensive item purchase of which requires a significant amount money and we know that 90% of active population in Sarajevo are unemployed.


So it’s no wonder that the pharmacy distributed over 2.900.000 various medications to the people of Sarajevo in this year.

In this pharmacy, through the entire year, baby food (over 15.000 kg) was distributed as well as thousands of single and repeated use diapers and diapers for adults. Naturally it was all for free and for acquiring baby food and diapers producing the birth certificate was all it took.

To this we added all kinds of personal hygiene assets.
The breakdown of distribution of medications in 1996 is enclosed.

The Infirmary retained same scope of works in 1996. Three doctors and three nurses were very busy as the Infirmary Protocol testifies.

The Infirmary Protocol reads a fantastic figure of over 6.200 patients treated in the infirmary.


These diligent teams performed over 2.800 home visits, about 1.200 patients were hospitalized at home while 2.200 patients were given medical assistance at the infirmary.

In 1997, we anticipate reconstruction of the infirmary facilities for which purpose assets have been provided through the donations from our friends in Europe.


Today in Sarajevo, projects such as "Doctor in The House" or "Family Medicine" are being initialized. Such projects were promoted and implemented by the Medical Service of "La Benevolencija" even during the war, proving that such models of health care are the most appropriate ones and now they tend to become the all accepted health care model in Sarajevo.

That is why, now that all the infirmaries in Sarajevo work with prewar intensity, the small infirmary of "La Benevolencija" has not lost its patients but contrary, the number of patients would grow further if the infirmary had an adequate vehicle and equipment and if the available facilities were adequate to the number of patients who knock on the door daily.


The Center for Acceptance and Distribution of Medications and Medical Equipment performed its task at the enviable level.

The problem of outdated medications persists in Bosnia and Herzegovina today. There are enormous stocks of useless medications and disposing them would be very expensive thing to do. Center for Acceptance and Distribution of Medications "La Benevolencija" has never had this problem since it has been given well targeted and clearly defined donations with explicitly stated duration period.


Tons of medications were through this center on their way not only to the "La Benevolencija" pharmacy but to the Clinical Center of Sarajevo as well as to other clinical centers throughout of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Equipment for clinics, purchased via this service, was always new or in very good, usable condition as many letters of thanks addressed to "La Benevolencija" in 1996 confirm.


However, among all these letters of thanks and commendations "La Benevolencija" received in 1996, we emphasize the decoration "La Benevolencija" received from the Presidency of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the MEDAL OF GOLDEN LILY WITH SILVER WREATH.