Soup kitchen


Public Kitchen of "La Benevolencija" was open every day except for the important Jewish Holidays.The number of daily meals was 320 - 350.

Instead of canned meat and vegetables, the kitchen uses fresh items for preparation of food and side dishes such as salad, fruits and cakes have become a part of the daily menu.

Not even during the war this kitchen resembled the standard humanitarian kitchens. Paintings and nice music create an atmosphere of a pleasant restaurant were abonents can spend memorable moment in conversation.

Delicious meals and great atmosphere were much contributed by Jozef Abinun, known as Cicko, the chef of the Public Kitchen "La Benevolencija".


A picture of Cicko's face is on the poster promoting the exhibition of photographs on "La Benevolencija" by Edward Serotta, seen all around the world.


Unfortunately, helping everyone is not possible, so there is a long waiting list of people who wish to become abonents of this Public Kitchen and they wait for vacancies impatiently.

This is easy to understand, knowing that the first year of peace brings a great deal of optimism but not the solution for all social problems. Lets hope and believe that the better days are yet to come.