The Center for Acceptance and Distribution of Food (warehouse) is the first service founded in "La Benevolencija" right before the war. In the very beginning, the warehouse was used for neatly separated food and medications stocks.

As the scope of works in "La Benevolencija" was growing, a special service with strictly aimed facilities for acceptance, classification and distribution of food was founded in 1992, while the medications were stocked in a separate facilities with the support service. At that time, the warehouse was already linked with the computer center collecting all the data concerning acceptance and distribution of food.

Today, this warehouse employs three persons directly liable for acceptance, classification and distribution of food as well as for keeping record thereon. This "small" group is occasionally supported by the members of "Bohoreta" as a form of help in classification and making family parcels.


In 1996, the Center for Acceptance and Distribution of Food accepted and distributed near 280 tons of various food including the standard donations of canned food.

Tons and tons of fresh vegetables and fruit were through the Center and all this food, with no exceptions from the previous years, was distributed to the people of Sarajevo, Zenica and Tuzla as family parcels of average weight between 10 and 12 kg.

According to the accurate records of our computer center, in 1996 over 23.000 family parcels were distributed and always to the people who were in serious need for help.

Certain quantity of food was sent to the Public Kitchen of "La Benevolencija", precisely 38 tons of high quality food.


For such successful work of the "La Benevolencija" Center for Acceptance and Distribution of Food, credit goes to the humanitarian organizations such as Friends of "La Benevolencija" in Amsterdam, Benevolencija Deutchland, HELP, AJDC, WJR and many others and to friends throughout the world.

The same post also distributed over 30 tons of personal hygiene assets as well as various detergents and cleaning assets.