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 Sunday School of "La Benevolencija" presents a real sensation for Sarajevo, even for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Why?

While on one side, the process of national homogenization constantly intensified as an unavoidable consequence of war, at the same time "La Benevolencija" opened out more and more, becoming, during the war, a multinationational humanitarian society open for everyone.

The world clearly recognized "La Benevolencija" as fighter for humans and their rights which resulted in numerous awards.

Sunday School is the best illustration of this concept, because children of age 4 to 13 of all nationalities attend this school every Sunday.


The school curriculum is very interesting and it offers education, entertainment and creative activities.

O ne of the segments, probably the most important one, is reading and story telling, fairy tales, which belong to and talk about different people and cultures, developing love for every human being. Naturally, there are also stories from OLD TESTIMONY and Jewish history.

It is acquainting different religions that teaches children respect and tolerant approach to everyone.

Second segment of work is EDUCATION IN MUSIC where children singing in choir learn songs sung at religious celebrations. Huge significance is given to learning sefards' songs and their effort resulted in a successful concert.

A school would not be a school without EDUCATION IN FINE ARTS. Children are given full artistic freedom to express themselves. All techniques, including sculpturing, are present. This also resulted in successful exhibitions.

Drawings and posters made by the children are so beautiful that they ended at an auction in London held under the protectorate of WJR. The money collected at this occasion came to right address: CHILDREN'S SUNDAY SCHOOL.


 Special segment of work was dedicated to writing letters, rich with illustrations and in a form of a poster. Such poster-letters were sent to the donors to "La Benevolencija". This was a children's way to express gratitude and to send messages of love and peace to the whole world.

Many actors, writers, poets and entertainers took part in this school's work. Of course a school would not be a school without game and the dedicated "teachers" offered a program of joyful games, teaching children of harmony, socializing and spirit of sport.

The puppets, acquired with the donations from all around the world were another reason to initiate the PUPPETS THEATER of "La Benevolencija" Sunday School. Small groups of children gathered to prepare plays. This way, creativity of children was fully expressed. These great plays animated both children and performers and - audience.

In 1996, Sunday School scene gave a theater play "Queen Esther". The entire scene and the costumes were made of materials from humanitarian aid and of stuff found at homes.

The play was directed by professor Biljana Pejiæ. The video recording of the play was sent to all the friends of "La Benevolencija" throughout the world.

Many journalists wrote about the Sunday School. There is a file on this and it is carefully kept.

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