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Po izboru čitalaca "The Jewish Daily FORWARD" Jevrejski muzej u Sarajevu je na prvom mjestu od deset nejvecih svjetkih jevrejskih destinacija koje treba posjetiti!!


When most of us think of Jewish heritage travel, places like Jerusalem or the Warsaw Ghetto come to mind. Yet, from the pre-Inquisition sites that dot Spain, to farming villages in South America, hundreds of forgotten or under-visited Jewish sites exist across the world. When we put out the call for recommendations of our readers’ favorite overlooked sites on the Forward’s Shmooze blog and Facebook page, we got a global range of answers. Not surprising, most of the suggestions were about Eastern Europe. From your recommendations and my own travels, here’s an informal list of the top 10 Jewish sites often overlooked by travelers.

1. Jewish Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sophia KulichThe Jewish Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in Bascarsija, in old Sarajevo’s Oriental quarter, is “by far the best Jewish museum I’ve ever been to,” said Forward reader Jacob Remes, of Montreal. Indeed, I chose this site because, as Remes explained, visitors won’t find just the usual “spice boxes and Torah shields.” Instead, the museum shows that “Jews were an integral part of the Bosnian people until the fascists killed them.” Built in 1580, the complex was originally a residential facility for the Sephardic Jews, who were expelled from Spain in 1566. During World War II, it was used as a prison, and in 1966 restored as a museum. Sophia Kulich of the Jewish Travel Agency includes the museum on both her Jewish and general-interest tours of Sarajevo.


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