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Computer Center of "La Benevolencija" and Jewish Community Sarajevo and B&H is a "spinal column" of this organization. Everything done in this organization, all the data concerning any of the programs, pour into the Computer Center which has a data base containing everything done in "La Benevolencija", Jewish Community of Sarajevo and B&H in the period 1992 - 2007.

Here can be found all the data on people and aid distributed to them in this period, data on Public Kitchen abonents, names of the people who received any other form help. There are also the data related to the Program for Care over Elders and Sick, data on Medical Service activities, data on Bohoreta activities.

This Center was active in all four years of war and now that it's reestablished it presents a representative center for data collecting and processing as well as for creating new programs.

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