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Working in Israel – An Employment Route with excellent conditions

If you are thinking about travelling and working abroad, if you want to learn about Israel, if you dream of visiting another country to work there but you cannot afford it …then you have reached the correct place. The Fund for Encouragement of Israeli Labor was established to assist Diaspora Jews and people who are eligible, according to the Law of Return, to work and live in Israel and to experience life in Israel.

Our Company offers:

Work in the following areas:
• Hotel & Leisure
• Restaurants
• Construction
• Childcare
• Agriculture

Whilst you are staying and working in Israel, we will provide you with accommodations, a basic salary, social conditions required by law, Hebrew studies and travel in Israel. When you arrive, our professional staff will assist you with all your needs.

Additional Information:

Aliyah and absorption basket  

At any time during your working period in Israel, you can decide to return home or to stay here for a further period. If you decide to stay on in Israel, you can, at any time decide to become a citizen of Israel. If you decide to become an Israeli citizen you will be eligible to receive the Olim absorption basket from the Israeli Government.

The main goal of The Fund of Encouragement of Israeli Labor is to provide stable work placements in Israel.
Please contact us:

The Fund for Encouragement of Israeli Labor Ltd.
Tel:  +972-72-2118998
Fax: +972-72-2116348
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