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Edin Šalja    13 December 2012 00:36 | Bosnia and Herzegovina
Samo da vas pozdravim i pozelim vam mnogo dobra, zdravlja i sreće,sve pohvale za sajt. Vaš sugradjanin i komšija. Edin Šalja

zena    09 December 2012 20:10 | sarajevo
Povodom Hanuka, svu srecu Svijeta sarajevskim i svim Jevrejima Svijeta - od Sarajka !

noemi schlosser    17 November 2012 14:55 | antwerp belgium
i m a theater producer of mainly jewish theater. I d liek to connect with local communities and the cultural centre of sarajevo to look into possible future collaborations, however I don t find an email adress or staffmemeber on the website to connect to, please help me get to the right person, I d be very gratefull!
Noemi Schlosser
www.salomeespeelt .be

Some facts    21 October 2012 21:17 |
"Approximately *50 Jews live in Banja Luka, Bosnia's second city and de facto capital of the republic of Srpska. Two synagogues existed before the Second World War. Both have been destroyed.The Jewish cemetery was established in 1883. In 1977 the bodies were exhumed and transferred to the new Jewish section of the municipal cemetery. The remains of those without living relatives were placed in a common grave and a single monument created on which all their names were inscribed; those whose families were still alive were reburied with their existing gravestones. Today, in addition to the communal grave, there are about 25-50 tombstones in the cemetery; their inscriptions are in Hebrew, German and Serbian. There is also a Holocaust memorial." Source January 2009]

http://www.iajgsj ewishcemeteryproject.org/bosni a-and-herzegovina/banja-luka-r epublic-of-srpska.html

Dleg    14 October 2012 19:02 | EU
Last war was hard for all of us. It brought up things we never dreamed about. I went to sleep as half Muslim and woke up as half Jew. Without war I would never search after it. I cannot see who was bad and who was good after all turned upside down.

Certanly, you Dutch have problem with all claims of murdered Jews and survivers so Geld is an issue for you- reading from right to left your ID.
- What Christmas has to do with Sarajevo? People did not think well with many projects.
http://www.dnasho ah.org/

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